Thanks to the E3 2017, we know what’s going on with the computer games industry. But what resources should we use to follow the latest developments in the online casino games industry? Contrary to the common belief, this industry is more active than computer games and more fairs are held each year. ICE and Las Vegas fairs are at the top of the list: The ICE Fair is held at the beginning of the year, and the Las Vegas fair is held at the end. Developers of casino games have the opportunity to introduce their new titles and talk about their plans for the future in these organizations. So, when we look at these fairs and evaluate the industry in general, what do we see? What are the latest trends in the online casino games industry? Let’s take a look.

The Rise of the Virtual Reality Systems

Virtual Reality technology is not only about computer games, but also about casino games. This technology offers you a 360-degree view and the chance to –literally- enter the game you are playing. That’s not all: You can control the play with hand gestures, and can get rid of the necessity to use keyboard + mouse. The first prototypes of casino games that can be played with VR glasses have been introduced at this year’s fairs. In this respect, there are two basic prototypes:

  • · GearVR Technology: GearVR glasses are developed by Oculus. They are extremely cheap: You only need a new generation mobile phone to use them. So you do not have to use a separate computer. The mobile phone is placed in a special chamber in front of the goggles. The game is actually played by the mobile phone, and the glasses are only used to view the image. The best part of this technology is that you only need a budget of $ 99. Since the glasses do not have separate hardware, the graphics quality is not very high. However, this is not so important for casino games. GearVR technology is an excellent solution for this industry: The graphic quality that is not enough for a computer game is more than enough for casino ones. The main disadvantage is that you still need external devices for control. So you cannot use hand gestures. When we consider the price, we can say that this will be the most common technology in the near future. Netent has already adapted Gonzo’s Quest slot machine to the GearVR platform and plans to adapt the rest of its games.
  • · RealVR Technology: This technology is a little expensive, you need to spend a minimum of $ 699 to use. RealVR, the original virtual reality technology, requires special glasses such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and you also need to use a powerful computer. The advantage is that it offers superb graphics quality and allows control with hand gestures. Especially in the card and table games, using such a control system has great advantages. In this regard, Microgaming developed the first RealVR casino game. The “Virtual Roulette” is completely playable with hand gestures and offers a stunning experience. Although it will not expand very fast due to its price, we estimate that prices will decrease in 5-6 years and this technology will be used more frequently in the far future.

In summary, the most exciting trend in the online casino games industry is Virtual Reality technology nowadays. We are already beginning to see examples of GearVR technology, and RealVR systems offer a lot more for the future. So, what are the latest trends in land-based casinos?

Addressing a Different Generation

Gamblers in Hollywood movies may seem extremely “cool”, but there is a serious problem: their genres are about to run out. The new generation of players are interested in casino games, but only online ones. They think land-based casinos are boring and full of “old” people. In a nutshell, Las Vegas casinos and other places do not appeal to new generation gamers. Land-based casinos may have a solution for this problem: Skill-based slots. The concept is quite interesting, each game has an FPS module with multiplayer features. You are playing a classic death match and trying to kill as many players as possible in the shortest possible time. Depending on your level of achievement, you match the symbols and qualify for the prizes. So instead of turning the reels, you’re playing a Call of Duty style game! We will see how successful this concept will be, but land-based casinos do not have the flexibility to compete with online casinos. For this reason, the future of this industry and the latest trends seem to be shaped around the online casinos.